Estes Park, CO

Be Colorado Flood Smart

Before the Flood Checklist

  • ​Combined 10 day supply of Canned Foods, Dry Cereals, Bottled Water, Energy Bars and Pet Food (if you have pets).
  • A Medical Emergency Kit that is not expired.
  • Portable USB Charger for your cell phone.
  • LED Flashlights that are operational.
  • 1/4 or more of gas in your vehicle.
  • Battery powered AM/FM radio.
  • Backup supply of batteries.
  • 5 gallon filled gas can.
  • A portable generator if a family member relies on powered medical equipment.
  • ​Make sure your address is easily readable from the street.​

During the Flood

  • Stay tuned to local TV and Radio weather and news reports. 
  • Wait for reverse 911 and other emergency announcements.
  • Be prepared to evacuate with a 20 minute warning; Only important papers, pets, overnight kit and yourselves!
  • Power and landline phone services may wash out. Use cell phones and the Internet to communicate with emergency services and family.
  • If your home is being effected by the flood, take your cell phone, medical emergency kit, energy bars, bottled water and pets on leash to higher ground. 
  • ​Do not leave your home during the flood to get food and fuel or to assess the situation yourself. You may be denied access back to your home or stranded between washed out roads and downed power lines.
  • People that are injured or die in floods are the ones that panic or make unwise choices that place additional, unnecessary burdens on already stressed emergency services.

After the Flood

  • ​Seek safety at the Red Cross shelter if your home is damaged or without (power, heat, water, communications) or low on food.
  • Otherwise wait for door to door safety check agents and read handout pamphlets and notices about Town Halls or need to request temporary housing assistance.
  • Notify safety check agents or 911 of urgent medical issues or about elderly in your home that have special medical needs.
  • Do not attempt to move downed power lines, they are live!
  • Listen for important updates regarding travel and road restrictions / closures and food / fuel availability.
  • Communicate with your family that you are safe.
  • Beware home repair scammers that show up at your door, ask for a down payment and/or signed contract, especially before you have talked with your insurance company.