Condo Owners in Fall River Estates

For ALL emergencies, call 911, not the HOA.

Phil DuChateau
Home: 970.480.5073
Cell: 630.740.5378

Vice President

Jay Harroff
Home: 970.586.5458
Cell: 970.227.3856


Jeffrey Furmaga
Home: 970.586.5556


Michelle Furmaga
Home: 970.586.5556

The purpose of the Architectural Control Committee is to “ensure that (our HOA) covenants are fully complied with” and states that the Committee“ has the responsibility of examining all plans and giving a written approval or disapproval” and thus “no building or other improvements shall be erected, placed or altered on any lot until the construction places and specifications and a plan showing the location of the structures on the lot have been approved by the Architectural Control Committee.” (May 15, 2017 - Fall River Estates HOA Amended Protective Covenants).

Phil DuChateau
Home: 970.480.5073
Cell: 630.740.5378

Two positions available. Contact Phil to sign up and support YOUR FRE community!



Architectural Committee MEMBERS


Please consult the resources list to contact your condos HOA or property management team regarding covenants questions, property maintenance or for other condo related matters.

Current Board


Estes Park, CO